• 2 persons
  • 1 bedroom

Spend the night in a romantic Pipowagen with a real bed box, who wouldn't want that? This pipo wagon even has a beautiful balcony.

The nicest Pipo wagon overnight stay

This spacious Pipowagen is ideal for two people. There is a cozy seating area and you can cook. With a beautiful sheep fence as a partition, this wagon stands on its own 'place'. It really is a unique overnight stay!

Sanitary facilities are available in the central center building.

The Pipo wagon includes

  • fully made up 2-person bed
  • indoor seating area
  • kettle
  • refridgerator
  • cutlery, dinnerware and cooking utensils
  • coffee & tea, salt & pepper, sugar & milk
  • books, magazines and games for 2
  • outdoor furniture

Price and availablity Pipowagon